Welcome to Crate Craft


FYI, I’m not good at starting blog posts, but welcome to my blog, Crate Craft!

I originally started Crate Craft as a service, but I quickly discovered that music isn’t a service – it’s an art.

When you start treating music like a service, it gets mixed with the constant flux of input we process every day. We have to start thinking of music like an output, even if you are just listening. It’s a release, no matter which side of the speakers you work from.

I’m an active Hip-Hop producer, but I’m also an avid vinyl record collector – a recent graduate of MTSU’s Recording Industry Management program who likes to get his fingers dusty. I sparked Crate Craft as a springboard for creativity, collection, and connection among music fans and professionals too.

Crate Craft is on the verge of growing into whatever it wants to be, because at the moment there isn’t a clear plan. That’s okay though!

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be posting articles about, culture, lifestyle, and artistry in relation to industry news and trending topics. All of that, along with some creative flare thrown in the mix – from myself and you as well. So if you fancy yourself an artist of any kind, throw some samples of your work my way. You might get some of  your content thrown up on Crate Craft!

Moving forward, I’d love to see Crate Craft grow into it’s own mini-Mecca; a resource for inspiration and creativity for fans, musicians, producers, engineers, managers…the list goes on.

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