sounds, native instruments, recording software, audio, production | Native Instruments Unveils Massive Sound Library

Kicks, snares, hi-hats, claps, crashes; If you’re a producer, you can never really have too large of a sample library in your arsenal. Enter…Recently, Native Instruments introduced a new subscription service called A $9.99 per month subscription allows access to possibly the largest collection of audio samples yet. It’s exciting to witness the birth of such a forward-minded service aimed at music creators instead of music audiences.

The Bottomless Toolbox

A Sounds subscription grants access to a library comprised of samples from Native Instruments as well as other companies such as MVP Loops and Loop Loft. There’s no cap on sample downloads; however, once you hit the 3,000 mark Native Instruments will simply discourage high usage. Although Native Instruments poses this warning, it won’t hinder further access to Sounds whatsoever. So, technically there is no hard limit to the number of samples you can download.

The interface is fairly straightforward. Subscribers can browse by instrument, genre, key, and BPM. It’s very user-friendly, but the Spotify lookalike is still in the Beta phase, so we can expect improvements and modifications ahead.

Who wouldn’t want access to all of those samples? It seems like a pretty decent investment for the average bedroom producer, especially if she’s a Native Instrument loyalist. With a soft cap at 3,000 downloads the sky is virtually limitless. It’s almost overwhelming. So much, yet so little time.

There are bigger plans on the rise for Sounds. Eventually, the service will integrate with DAWs in addition to the Native Instruments Maschine controller line. That’s almost too much power and flexibility for me to wrap my mind around, but it’s a next-level service that’s never been done before. Pick and choose from a practically endless cache of sound. Link it to you favorite DAW like a plugin. Fire up your Maschine MK3 and scroll through libraries for days. is essentially a Pandora’s box…if Pandora was a product specialist for Native Instruments.

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