Heart of Vinyl | Mobile Vinyl Record Store Visits Breweries

The thought of a mobile record store sparks a chemical reaction in the brain comparable to the sugar buzz a 5-year-old gets when cotton candy graces his taste buds for the first time. Listen close kids. Heart of Vinyl is a pop-up record store that travels to different cities and sets up shop near – wait for it – breweries! 


I love beer.

And vinyl records, of course. It’s in the name.

Heart of Vinyl came to Nashville, TN last week and set up shop at the Bearded Iris Brewing Company. They did what all noteworthy record stores do best: sell new and used vinyl records! What I admire about Heart of Vinyl is what the represent – a simple love and appreciation for music.

I reached out to the owner, Justin Frazier, and picked his brain about the origins of his pop-up record store. Here’s what he had to say about vinyl, music, and the inspiration behind Heart of Vinyl.

What do you enjoy most about collecting records?

JF: Half of that answer is childhood nostalgia and the other half is that I love listening to music on a record. The sound, the artwork, the liner notes. It all means something to me.

What inspired Heart of Vinyl? 

JF: My fondness for vinyl. Beyond that I’d say the main inspiration came from beer and the connection between music and social gatherings. This was all an idea that randomly popped into my head one evening and from there I hit the ground running.

What are your favorite albums in your collection? 

Beatles: “1962-66” (UK)
JF: This one is pressed on a beautiful red vinyl. It’s just a really cool looking album with tons of great songs.

Motorhead: “Bomber”, “Overkill”, “Ace of Spades”, “1916”….
JF: Doesn’t matter which one. I own about nine or ten but not nearly enough. Hey, I love Motorhead.

Madlib: “Shades of Blue”
JF: This album is pure bliss for me. Madlib is a fantastic writer and producer, so when you let him loose inside the Blue Note Records vault, it’s going to be a good time.

Hank Williams, “20 Greatest Hits” (clear vinyl)
JF: As a child I used to get incredibly annoyed by the sound of Hanks vocal stylings. What can I say? Perhaps it was the hillbilly yoedling but his sound was lost on me as a kid. Nowadays Hank gets plenty of spins at our house.

Quiet Village: “Silent Movie”
JF: My buddy Matt turned me on to this group. It just makes me feel good when I play that record. I can’t do the album justice with my words so my advice is for everyone to go out and listen to it for themselves. It’s mighty fine.

Where is Heart of Vinyl going to pop up next?

JF: I’ll be around Nashville and Murfreesboro for the entire month of March.

March 10th: Bearded Iris Brewing Co
March 17th: Mayday Brewery
March 24th: Black Abbey Brewing Co
March 31st: New Heights Brewing Co

To learn more about Heart of Vinyl, visit them on Facebook or Instagram

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