Memorecks | Toronto’s Favorite Pad-Pushing Producer

Music is an art without boundaries, and beat-making is no exception. Live beat production has created several doors that lead to infinite possibilities, and Memorecks breaks them down with a sledgehammer. Meet the producer from Toronto who is shaking skulls with his Maschine MkII and an arsenal of one-shot samples.Image result for memorecks

This is Memorecks, and he’s proven himself a master at ticking 16 pads like piano ivory. He’s a modern-day Chopin who uses a palette of ear candy and a spectrum of sounds to build beats live. He’s one of the few notable producers who I think deserves a wider spotlight, and I’m here to provide it.

Is it Live? Or is it Memorecks?

Image result for follow memorecks

Memorecks has a certain swing that is unmistakable. It falls somewhere between bizzare, jazzy, and thick. I’ve followed him for a few years via his YouTube channel, and it still feels fresh. Every kick and snare still hits the same, and that’s a unique quality to have. The truth is, it doesn’t take a whole lot to construct something memorable and everlasting. Whatever the recipe, Memorecks keeps the focus around the kick, hat, and snare. He lets your imagination fill the empty spaces between the downbeat.

Memorecks has released some great synth-driven albums full of thick beats and dreamy ambiance. His latest album, Follow, is backed with the most elegant vocals I’ve ever heard. Currently, it’s available on all of the major music outlets, but for now you can grab it on

If you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that he has produced a plethora of mixes, singles, and EPs on his Soundcloud.

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Final Thoughts

So, what is it about Memorecks that makes him such a great producer? A lot of aspiring producers may ask, “How do I get on that level?”

The real answer to the question is a little more complex, and no piece of equipment will help you find it. There isn’t a masterclass you can take either, no matter what they tell you. True, the technical side of production can be taught, but nobody can teach creativity. Plus, creativity itself is a hole with no end, and music production is too.

Memorecks is a producer who just has all of the right things going for him. He’s genuinely creative. It’s the only seed that really needs to planted to make incredible music. In this hornet’s nest of an industry, there are infinite sources of inspiration, and anyone can be inspired. That’s only part of it. To stand out in the nest, it takes a sharp ear to chisel out your name. So, go ahead and draw a blueprint.

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