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If you have managed to make it to this page, I seriously owe you a cup of coffee sometime.

I’m an audio engineer/producer, and Crate Craft is my own homegrown weapon that explores vinyl record collecting and the music industry looming behind it; artistry, music production, and the untouched elements of the business.

Crate Craft is a growing source of fresh, regular content for fans, artists, and music professionals of all walks of life – an aspiring community that links the pieces together. This blog is a brand on the rise that sits in the middle of that mix.

My passion for writing about the music industry sparked Crate Craft, and I plan on delivering content that you’ll enjoy, no matter if you are a fan or a professional, adept or novice. Dig around, find something you like, and be prepared to think outside the grooves.

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Jordan Hall

Writer | Audio Engineer | Producer

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Exploring vinyl record culture and the music industry at large

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