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Why It’s Important to Make Music for You

There is truly so much noise in the music industry today, and it’s hard not to drown in the sea of competition. There are so many insanely talented and hardworking artists out there trying to “make it” . Instead many artists are trying to navigate an undefinable path and follow cookie-cutter templates of success.

How do you adapt to an ever-changing industry that doesn’t sleep? Why do we push ourselves to find “it” in a world that continuously tries to spell “it” out for us?

The world tells us that to be successful in the music industry, your name has to rub letters with the clouds and compete with the sun. The world tells us that you need to be backed by the most renown record companies, sell-out the largest venues, and break bread with the most prestigious names in the industry.  Continue reading Why It’s Important to Make Music for You