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3 Lessons Music Producers Can Learn from J Dilla

As producers and engineers, sometimes we might not think about our equipment like musical instruments.

Leave the music and artistry to the person in the recording booth, right?

Wrong. 100%.

We can learn a lot from J Dilla, the MPC mastermind who is arguably the greatest hip-hop producer from the early millennia. Throughout the entire evolution of hip-hop culture, J Dilla holds one of the most influential roles in the game. He was a self-starter who built the foundation that several artists continue to grow from. It’s a foundation that inspires an outside-the-box approach and brushes off the need for perfection in the studio.

Believe or not, we can thrive on imperfection. Continue reading 3 Lessons Music Producers Can Learn from J Dilla

Why It’s Important to Make Music for You

There is truly so much noise in the music industry today, and it’s hard not to drown in the sea of competition. There are so many insanely talented and hardworking artists out there trying to “make it” . Instead many artists are trying to navigate an undefinable path and follow cookie-cutter templates of success.

How do you adapt to an ever-changing industry that doesn’t sleep? Why do we push ourselves to find “it” in a world that continuously tries to spell “it” out for us?

The world tells us that to be successful in the music industry, your name has to rub letters with the clouds and compete with the sun. The world tells us that you need to be backed by the most renown record companies, sell-out the largest venues, and break bread with the most prestigious names in the industry.  Continue reading Why It’s Important to Make Music for You

“Jon Doe Music” | Why Aspiring Musicians Drown from Generic Branding

How many times have you been invited to the Facebook page called, “[insert first and last name] music”?

Really think about how many you get, especially if you live in an overwhelming proximity of self-managed singer/songwriters.

Don’t you find it odd and counter-productive that a sizable portion of them all use the word “music” after their names?

Jon Doe invited you to the page Jon Doe Music.

The music industry is flooded with too much of the same thing, and they’re trying to fit through the narrow, twisted bottleneck alongside artists riding on the same train. Even worse, they’re all trying to spin too many plates on their own. This sort of multitasking and tunnel-minded journey towards the mirage makes it harder to break into a professional music career successfully. Above all, the grind to juggle a DIY 360 deal and manage oneself is incredibly difficult and interferes with the focus of being an original artist.

Avoiding generic branding and promotion strategies will set artists above the rest.

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