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4 Bar Loop to 4 Minute Opus | How to Fight Creator’s Block in the Studio

How to raise your infant loop into a successful college graduate with a paid off car and a mortgage.

In any medium of art, the initial capture of ideas is both invigorating and instantly rewarding.

The initial sketch on a canvas.

The opening stanza of a poem.

The perfect loop for a chorus.  

However, once captured, it becomes far too easy to let these pieces of effort remain stagnant and eventually be forgotten, especially in regards to music. The audio remains dormant, and you venture off to create a new snippet of sound, chasing that feeling of easy accomplishment. The following are ways to push past that initial gratification, put in the work, and create a tangible form of art. This will specifically target audio production, but the concepts discussed can be applied to other art forms as well. Assuming you have a chosen Digital Audio Workstation, you most likely have a library of projects, ranging in levels of completion. Choose the project that you’d like to complete and release, and let’s get started. Continue reading 4 Bar Loop to 4 Minute Opus | How to Fight Creator’s Block in the Studio

How to Build a Home Recording Studio

So you want to assemble a home recording rig? You couldn’t have stumbled across a better article. Whether you want to explore a new hobby or establish a budding career in audio production, I want to help you seek out the necessary equipment. I will also point out what you don’t need, as well as dispel some misconceptions and common pitfalls. Continue reading How to Build a Home Recording Studio

Memorecks | Toronto’s Favorite Pad-Pushing Producer

Music is an art without boundaries, and beat-making is no exception. Live beat production has created several doors that lead to infinite possibilities, and Memorecks breaks them down with a sledgehammer. Meet the producer from Toronto who is shaking skulls with his Maschine MkII and an arsenal of one-shot samples. Continue reading Memorecks | Toronto’s Favorite Pad-Pushing Producer

The Pocket-Sized Recording Studio

The music industry is becoming a narrow window, and a lot of it has to do with the massive home recording craze. We are beginning to see the rise of what I call “The Pocket-Sized Studio”. Recording studios are being rented out in closets, and everyone is building recording rigs in every crevice of their homes. Everybody wants to be a producer. It’s not a bad thing, but history has shown that trends kill. What was once nearly untouchable has gradually become affordable and it’s changing the music industry. Continue reading The Pocket-Sized Recording Studio

Exploring the Legendary Akai MPC Pads

CC photo cred: Kmeron

Beats. Rhymes. Life.

The kick and snare are the dual hearts of hip-hop music. A good beat can bring life to dead wordplay. Instrumental hip-hop is a beautiful form of grime in it’s own light. Many purists, like myself, enjoy just spinning a good 16-bar phrase. Sometimes that’s all you really need to catch an ear and spark the synapses. 9/10 your favorite beat from the 90s was produced on an Akai MPC.

Continue reading Exploring the Legendary Akai MPC Pads

How to Digitize Vinyl Records| Recording with a Computer

Yes, that’s right. We are going to discuss recording records.

In my last post I discussed recommended DAWs to record vinyl on your computer and the benefits of capturing and archiving your favorite tunes. This post will guide you through the simple recording process to get audio from a turntable into a recording program, as well as…

  • Recording Basics
  • Basic Waveform Editing
  • Audio Export Settings

Continue reading How to Digitize Vinyl Records| Recording with a Computer

Pete Rock’s Approach to Sample Chopping

Hip-Hop has changed. Like everything in music, it evolves. From the roots of boom bap, it flourished from the jagged cracks of underground culture. Hidden under the umbrella of hip-hop’s influence on mainstream lifestyle, there lies chips and fragments of fractured break beats, record scratches, and enough low end to rattle the kneecaps of  countless generations. Continue reading Pete Rock’s Approach to Sample Chopping